Lee Phillips Packaging stocks a range of foam cushioning materials and protective wraps to provide secure cushioning for your items during transportation.

Once a shipment departs from your facility, it becomes susceptible to the unpredictable forces of transportation, including bouncing on uneven roads, abrupt stops in trucks, swaying on trains, jostling within sea containers, or turbulence during air travel.

At Lee Phillips Packaging, we stock a diverse range of cushioning foams suitable for various applications, whether it's crafting custom-designed contours or fully lining crates. We have a selection of protective foams readily available for your packaging needs, including both polyurethane and polyethylene foams offered in various densities and thicknesses. In numerous instances, it's not just about the quantity of foam surrounding the item, but rather ensuring the appropriate amount and the right density of foam is used.

  • Custom Die Cut Foam Inserts
  • Polyethylene Foam Sheets & Foam Rolls
  • Foam and Corrugated Inserts
  • EPS Foam Sheets

Lee Phillips Packaging specializes in designing your packaging with protective foam to deliver the highest level of protection at the most cost-effective price for your specific application. Utilizing die cutters, saws, and glue machines, we have the capability to create a wide range of foam inserts. Whether you require us to design from scratch or replicate existing drawings, we are equipped to handle it all.


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