Lee Phillips Packaging, boasting Long Island's exclusive corrugated wax machine, specializes in meeting the packaging requirements of the local seafood and farm industries. With a comprehensive manufacturing facility and unrestricted capabilities, we manage the production of all our waxed boxes from inception to completion right here on Long Island.

The Lee Phillips Packaging team employs an exclusive procedure to apply the wax coating to our corrugated boxes. This distinctive method enhances the durability of our boxes beyond that of typical corrugated ones. Moreover, the wax coating proves highly efficient in repelling moisture and safeguarding the contents of the packaging. We offer complete customization for all our packaging solutions to reflect the unique branding of our client partners.

  • Custom Farm & Seafood Waxed Boxes Any Size or Style
  • Tuna Coffins & Pallets Domestic or for Export HT Certified
  • 70 Lbs Heavy Duty Fresh Seafood Waxed Carton Set
  • 50/60 Lbs Dock Ready Seafood Waxed Carton Sets
  • Custom Die Cut & Printed Waxed Boxes for Any Application
  • Bushel Produce Cartons sizes (1 1/9, 1, 3/4, 1/2)

As reliable providers of corrugated boxes, we collaborate closely with each client to ensure that our solutions not only fulfill their practical requirements but also effectively contribute to building brand awareness. Lee Phillips Packaging provides exclusive wax treatments that deliver cost-effective and water-resistant packaging solutions.


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