Lee Phillips Packaging produces tailor-made crates and boxes that meet all international shipping standards. When valuable cargo must be transported internationally, the containers and packaging housing that cargo must adhere to a set of regulations designed to mitigate the risk of pest proliferation.

Leveraging our proficiency in export-certified packaging, you can have full confidence that your valuable cargo will swiftly reach its global destination.

These regulations are stringent, and it is imperative to collaborate with an experienced packaging expert to ensure compliance with international shipping best practices. Any errors or miscommunications can result in shipped items traversing the globe being damaged, delayed, refused entry, or necessitating costly last-minute adjustments. Lee Phillips Packaging is exceptionally equipped to adhere to all international shipping regulations for exporting cargo.

  • ISPM-15 Certified Export Crates & Pallets (Bug Stamped)
  • Protective Foam Lined Shipping Crates
  • Heavy Duty industrial Crates
  • Reusable Trade Show Crates
  • Custom Fabricated Pallets

Every lumber acquisition by Lee Phillips Packaging for crating surpasses the ISPM-15 standard's heat treatment prerequisites for export shipments involving Solid Wood Packaging Material (SWPM). Our ISPM-15 compliant "IPPC-HT" stamp can be affixed to any of our wooden crates, boxes, and pallets designated for export packaging, guaranteeing the smooth passage of your export-certified crates to their final destination.


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